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Eco-Friendly Termite Extermination in Signal Hill, CA

Providing you with the ultimate in termite protection is our mission at Americana Termite Company. For more than 42 years, our pest control service in Signal Hill, CA, has been focused on eradicating termites from your property before these pests do substantial structural damage to your home or office. 
We are a termite inspection and termination company dedicated to preserving the value of your property. We not only perform an extermination of these pesky bugs, but we strive to educate you on how to spot termites and what to do once they are found. If termites are discovered following an initial inspection, our technicians are fully trained to repair or replace most baseboards, decks, doors, eaves, posts, rafters, structural siding, and more. Many of our inspectors have over 20 years of experience and can work with you to schedule appointments at your convenience.
In an effort to be environmentally friendly, we offer two biodegradable and organically-sourced products to help eliminate termites in your home. Tim-Bor is a borate mineral toxic to termites which can eliminate a present infestation as well as prevent future termites; and XT-2000 is an orange oil treatment which contains a high citric acid content which can kill termites in a four-day residual period.
At Americana Termite Company, we are fully-licensed, and liability insured. To better serve you,  we are fluent in English, Spanish, and Cambodian.
Our Services Include:
  • Eco-Friendly Termite Extermination
  • Termite Inspection
  • Structural Repairs due to Termite Damage and/or Dryrot

Structural Repairs

To insure the safety of your home from termites today and for years to come, call (562) 494-6737 today.

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